Documentary wedding photography

So the question of the day is why choose a documentary wedding photographer over any other?

Why would you choose a natural unobtrusive approach to having your wedding photographed?

What is so different to the Documentary approach?

Well you have come to the right place as today I intend to answer some of these questions.

I'm not one of those photographers who will tell you one style or one way of working is better than another in order to gain bookings, however I can explain why I specifically shoot with a documentary wedding photography approach.

firstly I should probably explain a little about what makes documentary wedding photography a little different.

The documentary approach to me is a more relaxed approach, one where your photographer almost blends into the background. I try and approach weddings from the perspective of one of your guests ( I just happen to have a fancy camera ) this allows me to take photographs throughout your day that do not break from the moment as it is unfolding in front of me. 

I find this approach leads to more natural feeling photographs which show exactly how your day unfolded.

At no point will I be the photographer barking orders at you and your friends and family, I can do a few lightly posed formals if you really want them but who wants a bunch of photos with really awkward smiles eh? .

I will blend in , talk and chat to you and your guests, have a drink and a laugh with you heck I will even bust out some pretty terrible dance moves when the time comes... why?

because I am there to document your day as it unfolds in a natural way and believe it or not I will be as excited about your day as any single one of your friends or family. I will capture all those laughs, the tears of joy , I will even immortalize uncle bob passed out in a corner after one too many shots. 

A relaxed approach for people who want the moments between moments captured where the photos are as real as it gets.

I'm an observer albeit one with a nice camera, capturing all those special yet normal moments, so if you want a photographer who seeks out all those wonderful special things and tells the story of your day as it is and doesn't get in the way , doesn't bark orders and isn't looking for that shot for their own portfolio you have come to the right place... but if you are looking for run of the mill then I am probably not the guy for you.

But if the service we provide sounds just like what you would like, contact us today to book your free consultation.

Many thanks

Jay & Amy