Favourite YouTube channels

Everyone loves YouTube right? well I have compiled a shortlist of my favorite channels to check out.

Kevin Mullins

Kevin Mullins is a documentary wedding photographer but also a brand ambassador for Fujifilm cameras ( the same brand I use ) his channel has a wide range of video topics ranging from tutorials and tips, to his thoughts on various photography related subjects

Kevin's YouTube channel can be found here


Sean Tucker

Sean's YouTube channel is again photography related and covers subjects such as tutorials and tips but Sean is also extremely gifted when it comes to offering broader advice and is somewhat philosophical in his approach, definitely one to watch.

Sean's channel can be found here


The Art of Photography

Ted Forbes is a well educated man in the field of photography but also its cultural and artistic and historical significance, he poses many questions to his audience but also showcases their artwork, he even has a collection of videos called the artist series, which delves deeper into the works of some incredible photographers from around the globe past and present.

Ted has a unique knack of getting you the viewer thinking outside of the usual box and challenges you to create something greater.

Ted's channel The Art of Photography can be found here


Peter McKinnon

This channel is a personal favorite and one I have followed since Peter first started, Peter like to teach his audience but also encourage growth both personally and professionally.

His tutorials are easy to follow, providing insight into photography, working with brands, documentary style approaches, video and stills work.

It's not often you are given insight into the life of a working professional but Peter does just that with a Vlog style approach that is fast paced, fun and lively.

Peter's channel can be found here



Casey Neistat

Casey is a bit of a household name when it comes to the creative indistry, he has filmed viral ad campaigns for huge companies and has a massive following.

I follow Casey as he has a solid work ethic, he sets out to accomplish something and doesn't let anything get in his way, his channel is full of videos designed to inspire people to create, to pursue whatever passion that they see fit.

If you ever hit that stumbling block and struggle to move forwards, Casey's channel is the place to go!

Casey's YouTube channel can be found here


Evan Ranft

A more lesser known YouTuber, Evan also follows the Vlog route in his presentation but gives insight into working with brands, his thoughts and feelings on camera systems, tutorials and just random musings and daily life of a creative.

Evans channel can be found here


I hope you enjoyed reading this, I hope you have checked out some of these YouTube channels, this list isn't meant to be an all encompassing list of everything you must see but a few folks whose channels I visit regularly and have learned quite a lot from in various ways.

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