What to wear on a photo shoot

This is the number 1 question we get asked before a family shoot - “What do I wear???” - so here are a few simple tips when you’re choosing your outfit on the day.

Keep it simple

Avoid logos or characters, and stick to solid colours so your outfit isn’t the first thing we notice - your shoot is about you, not the clothes you wear.

Flatter your shape

Wear something which you’re comfortable in and which fits well, no matter your size. Another good tips don’t dress too casual, a photo shoot is a special occasion so wear something nice and smart.

Keep it natural

Make sure your make up and hair is as natural as possible - unless you wear it like that everyday don’t slick your hair back into a high ponytail, or try out blue eyeshadow for the first time ever. Fashions come and go, but your family photos will be hanging on the wall for years to come - parents, do you remember those photos you had done when you were a kid and how much you cringe at them now? Yeah, enough said!

Plan ahead

Think about your outfits ahead of time - winging it on the day probably won’t work if you’re anything like our family - someone’s spilled coffee down their top, the baby needs a complete outfit change and the other kids refuse outright to wear what you’ve put out for them… if this sounds familiar, trust us, plan ahead! We always have a plan B just in case.

Colour choices

Have a look at some colour palettes on Pinterest if you’re stuck on what goes together and what doesn’t. It’ll help you plan your outfits ahead.


We hope this helps you choose what to wear for your shoot, if you have any other questions by all means email us at amy@jandaphotostudio.co.uk, or find us on FB @JayAmyPhotography.

Jay & Amy xx