Food photography

Every so often I like to have what I call "creative days" a day where I block off any client work and just pursue something I would like to do for fun or to try and expand my skill set.

Today my creative day was geared towards food photography.

I started out by placing my works space near the massive window in our studio, this window is awesome as it has a couple of huge net curtains which diffuse the light that shines through, making it nice and soft and lovely to work with.

I attached my camera to the boom arm of my light stand ... thank you essential photo for such an awesome product!

Using the Fujifilm remote app on my Iphone I am able to control my camera remotely, this allows me to position the camera exactly where I want it and not have to touch it, which is awesome as it means you can use slower shutter speeds and avoid camera shake, resulting in lovely pin sharp photographs.  

The first item I wanted to photograph was coffee specifically a latte, we both love our coffee, I mean who doesn't right? 

Like any photograph, food photography requires building the scene, giving what you are photographing context.

First up a nice slate serving platter, a white ceramic milk jug, matching coffee cup and saucer, rounded off with whole coffee beans and a biscuit. 

gainsborough food photographer

gainsborough food photographer

To compliment this image I also shot from a different perspective.

Here is a behind the scenes